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Professional electrician

Professional Residential Electrician

Every property owner needs to ensure that their electrical systems are operating smoothly. This is where a professional residential electrician comes in. Trust Zamudio Electric in Huntington Park, CA to provide peace of mind! Discover all of our services and see how we can assist you.

What We Offer

General Electrical Service

General Electrical Service

A general electrician like us can handle several electrical tasks around your home or commercial building. We use quality equipment and employ safe techniques to ensure long-lasting results. It’s always better to entrust us with this process instead of attempting anything on your own. We know how to manage your electrical systems carefully and without damaging your property.
Electric Repair

Electric Repair

Are you experiencing any issues with your electrical systems? You need to address them as soon as possible. Our electric repair service will ensure that everything is operating smoothly and safely. We know how to handle the task professionally and efficiently. It will save you time and hassle. Plus, we can prevent any electrical issue from becoming a bigger problem. Rest assured, we will protect your property.
Breaker Box Replacement

Breaker Box Replacement

If your electrical panel is beyond repair or you want to ensure proper electricity flow, you can benefit from our breaker box replacement services. It will allow you to add new appliances and other electronics without worrying about potential hazards such as fire or electrical shocks. Let us handle the job for you and ensure your well-being! Rest assured that an upgraded system will improve your living or working environment.
EV Charger Installation

EV Charger Installation

An EV charger can provide many benefits, like convenience and flexibility. It will also reduce environmental pollution and lower energy costs. You will be able to charge your car quickly in the comfort of your own home. Our team can make the installation process a breeze using first-rate tools and equipment. Needless to say, EV chargers can save you tons of money in the long run. You can always rely on our electrical service to ensure peace of mind.

The Benefits of Working with Experts

Electrical tasks can be quite dangerous, especially if you don’t have the needed experience and knowledge. A professional team can tackle them safely and carefully without posing any risks of injuries or damage. Plus, they possess a variety of electrical materials, and you won’t have to purchase anything yourself.

How We Do It

At Zamudio Electric, we make a careful assessment of your electrical systems before proceeding with any actions. We use top-quality tools and equipment and employ the safest techniques. Your property will be safe, and you’ll get a steady electricity flow for your home or business building with us by your side.

Areas Served

We strive to deliver excellent electrical solutions to all our customers in Huntington Park, CA. However, we have decided to extend our services to other locations too. You can schedule an appointment and benefit from our expertise if you are in any of the following areas:

– Walnut Park, CA

– Hermosa Beach, CA

– Santa Fe Springs, CA

– Artesia, CA

– El Segundo, CA

Trust our team to deliver reliable and long-lasting results! Call us to learn more about our expert electrical services, or book an appointment!

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Zamudio Electric

Huntington Park, CA 90255

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by Hugh on Zamudio Electric
Very Impressed!

I am very impressed by the electricians in this company. I called them for a breaker box replacement, and they did a great job. They worked promptly and precisely, and I highly recommend them!

Services List

  • General Electrical Service
  • Electric Repair
  • Breaker Box Replacement
  • EV Charger Installation